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2013-07-16 13.07.00

Episode 10: The Episode With My Dad At The End

This week on What The Hell With Nathan Prell, Nathan talks about his new favorite movie and his favorite fictional universe. He makes it quick in this episode, so enjoy as Nathan tries his best to stay on topic and think of things to say. All of your favorite segments are here as well as a special bonus at the end. That’s right, today’s episode marks the first interview with Nathan’s dad since the five second clip in episode two. Enjoy.

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Episode 2: Aural Disaster

In this episode, Nathan sits down with Kyson to goof off again. All of your favorite segments are talked about, and some new ones even make an appearance. They talk about their good friend James, and all the fun things they did when they were children. Kyson makes tons of unnecessary noises. Enjoy and have fun listening in on another barely structured conversation between losers.