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Episode 8: The Religion Episode

This week on What The Hell With Nathan Prell, Nathan and James discuss religion. It is pretty interesting. We also go through some quick segments, just so the feel of the show isn’t lost. At the end, I open my second thing from the Something Store. Just listen. Geez, How many times do I have to ask?

2013-05-13 21.17.30

Episode 4: Three Guys, No Fries

In this, the fourth episode of WTH, one of Nathan’s other best friends comes over to join him and Chris. They talk about rivalries, business, and Nathan’s recent girl fiasco. This week’s “Things You Don’t Know About Me” is very exciting, and there is a new surprise segment at the very end. Also keep a look out for some new secret segments, “Nathan Thinks Things That Aren’t Normal, Are” and “People Don’t Believe Nathan’s Vocabulary Is Accurate.” You will enjoy this!